2 May 2pm, solo concert, Ligue de Braille, Bruxelles, Belgique

18 May, concert with Peace Performance Train at the UN International Day of Living Together in Peace , Ubuntu, Passage Charles Rogier 28, Brussels, Belgique

24 May 7pm - 24 May 10pm Exhibition, Ferme de Martinrou, Fleurus

2 June 4pm, concert of the pupils of the Harp Center Brussels, "Danses du monde", free entrance, Belgique

7-9 June, expo http://arts-sur-heure.be/, among others I'll expose "Glass Core" in the category Récup'Art, https://www.mariapalatine.com/paintings-and-sculptures Belgique

7 June 8pm Songs 'n' Soundscapes
(https://www.mariapalatine.com/songs-n-soundscapes), Hannover, Germany, more info will follow

8 June 8pm, Songs 'n' Soundscapes, Hannover, Germany, Gemeinschaftsunterkunft für Geflüchtete (kein öffentliches Konzer)

9 June 8pm  Songs 'n' Soundscapes, Marburg, Spiegellustturm, tickets www.spiegelslustturm.de, Germany

12 june 19.00-23.00, Conference about "Le chant d'Éos"

Soirée Internationale «Maison Sensi» Rue de la Régence 13, 1000 Brussels

21 June 8pm Songs 'n'Soundscapes, Historische Schuhfabrik, Am Ohligberg 10, 66424 Homburg-Schwarzenacker
Telefon: 06848/2073750 Germany

22 June 8pm, Songs 'n'Soundscapes, Salon Schmitt, Kaiserslautern, tickets http://www.salon-schmitts.de/ Gemany

4 July 10pm solo concert, Pula,Festival PUF, Croatie

11-14 July workshop Alessandria in Piemonte, https://www.mariapalatine.com/workshops-lessons Italy


9 Sept 8 pm duo concert with Anne-Sophie Prins (vocals), Atelier Marcel Hastir, Brussels

26 sept 8pm concert with Bernard Tirtiaux, Centre Culturel Dinant,  https://www.ccdinant.be/ Belgique

11 oct 7pm30 performance "Prayer on Black Water", Ferme de Martinrou,  crossing a lake on a glass boat while singing and playing my harp "Galatee", Belgique

12, 13 oct participating in the exposition "Unisverre", Ferme de Martinrou, Belgique

19 oct, 3pm30 concert, City hall Saint-Gilles Brussels (Fête de l'enfant)

10 nov Festival de Légendaire à Chartres


188 Rue Théodore Verhaegen / 1060 Bruxelles
Email: office@mariapalatine.com
Tel: 0032 (0) 495 27 83 65

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