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By this selection of soundtracks you can get an idea of my work that I've done for different

(mostly documentary) films, theatre and performances.

Find all my musics on my youtube channel

Picnic Benches
Performance Music

Performance Music

1.    Le Silence (Rilke in Concert) for concert harp, voice and steel-cello


2.    Der Nachtwächter (Rilke in Concert)


3.    Die Kurtisane (Rilke in Concert)


4.    Lieben (Rilke in Concert)


5.    Der Bettler (Rilke in Concert)


6.    Whoever you are (Rilke in Concert)


7.    The Revenants (Inspired Moment) for concert harp, voice, shakuhatchi, fujara, bass, 

      sitar and didgerido

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Theatre & Film Music

Theatre & Film Music

1.  War (Götz von Berlichingen) for choir, glass installation, harp, voice, saxophon, bass, castagnettes and violin


2. Winter (Götz von Berlichingen)

3. Flying (Götz von Berlichingen)

4. Adelheid (Götz von Berlichingen)

5. Versunkenes Schloss

6.  Danse des Grenouilles et des Libellules (Le chant d'Eos, opera) for grand                          orchestra

A View

New Classics

1. The Ship, for grand orchestra and voice

2. Cironja (Spindrift), for string quartet, harp and voice

3. Spring of Brightness, for strings, harp, voice and glass instruments

4. The Arriving of Winter, for two concert harps strings, clarinet and glass instruments


5. The Darkside of the Lake

House in the Woods

Contemporary Styles

1. Zenith

2. Walking on a transparent lake

3. Bride of the Wind

4. Sun climbing the white Mountains

5. Lost Heart in the Tempest (The Sound of Glass and Light)

6. Over the Plains Coming Home

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