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"It sounds like a sound-track Björk, Kate Bush and Loreena Mc Kennit might have composed together.” 

Agenda Brussels

 “Between the hands of Maria Palatine, harp sounds mysterious, dynamic, erotic, bright, as if it had been invented for her only. 

Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung


"Beautiful and wild, possessing a divine talent.  Concert harp, song, saxophone and percussion combine into a pure sound sensation which simultaneously surprises and fascinates. "  Mike Thulke,

European culture projects


"This gifted harpist strikes up a pure and powerful singing that seems to catch the light like a living crystal."

Le Soir, Bruxelles


 " Maria Palatine is the only harpist I know with an African feeling. ". 

Lokua Kanza, Paris


 "Dancing with harp." 

Pforzheimer Zeitung


"Whirlwind brushes the instrument of kings the "wrong" way- passionate, sensible, vigorous, she leads a new dimension to the harp." 

Baden-Baden Tagblatt

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