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Where the Dusky Waters Sing

Performance for a singing harpist

on a glass boat

Maria Palatine : Voice, harp, composition

Line Adam : flute

OMPS studios, Xhoris : recording

Bernard Tirtiaux  creation of the glass boat in collaboration with

Eric Pauporté 


Duration : 30 minutes

Staff : harpist/singer, 2 boat technicians, sound engineer, light engineer


This performance is possible on all waters which have a rather calm surface. The best time of the day is when the night falls, so the illumination of the boat is the most effective. For further questions please contact : , 0032 495 278365

1 Whispering Waters (8 :19 min) composition : Maria Palatine

2 Drifting Fogs (5 :20 min) composition et paroles: Maria Palatine

3 All Day I Hear (4 :13) composition : Maria Palatine, paroles: James Joyce

4 Spirit of Storm (4 :29) composition : Maria Palatine, paroles : Henry Timrod

5 Reprise All Day I hear (1 :29) composition : Maria Palatine, paroles: James Joyce

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